Brenta Spire

Brenta Spire

Height: 2958 m (9760 ft)

Total vertical gain from the Kain Hut: 758m (2500 ft)

Brenta Spire is the highest summit North East of the main Spires. It has amazing views down to Cobalt Lake to the East of a massive drop off of almost 750m down to the Vowel Glacier to the West.  The rock is a matrix of Quartzite and Granite making it unique and it sees considerably less traffic due to its location.

South Ridge: 4th Class.  A long and aesthetic ridgeline which starts off as walking and steepens to 3rd and eventually steep and exposed 4th below the summit.  Classic Mountaineering.

South-East Spur:  5.6.  Starting lower in the Cobalt Lake Basin, the SE Spur has over 300m of 4th class climbing with a few short sections of 5.6.  Recommended.


Looking down the East Face of Bugaboo Spire with the South Ridge of Brenta Spire and Cobalt Lake in the background.

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