Getting There

Travel time from Vancouver to Golden: 8 hours (+1 hour time change)

Travel time from Calgary to Golden: 3.5 hours

Travel time from Golden to Brisco: 1 hour

Travel time from Brisco to Trail Head: 1 hour (2wd dirt road, well signed)

All trips start from Golden BC unless prior arrangement is made and the meeting place is in Golden at Tim Hortons (on Hwy1 just west of town).  From here a gear check is done and last minute items may be purchased if necessary.

Your vehicle can be safely stored in town at my friend’s house (my base camp) and ride with me in a 2005 Toyota Tundra 4×4 Extended Cab.

Once at the trail head, expect 700m of elevation gain in 4.5km to the Kain hut at 2230m which takes about 3 hours.  Another 45min and 250m of elevation gain for Applebee campground at 2480m

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